Write like a designer: 5 tips to learn how to write clearly and effectively

Writing is difficult, and designers need to be doing lots of it. From communicating and negotiating with clients, to presenting our work, to discussing deeper ideas with our fellow creatives, our written words are a cornerstone of the daily work of a designer.

Make your work more evocative

Writing clearly, simply and effectively can only be a positive contribution to your design presentations. You can spark your client’s imagination with the right words, planting a seed in their minds when they have a second or third look at your presentation.

Beyond marketing copy

There are many resources out there that will tell you all about hooking your ideal audience, researching headlines, using calls to action, and other marketing tricks. In this webinar we won’t discuss marketing copy specifically, but we will focus on all forms of writing, from your professional emails, to case studies, brand identity presentations, blog posts or even social media comments.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to keep your reader’s attention
  • How to write about your designs
  • How to make writing flow out of you with ease
  • How to write simply without sounding simple.

Awesome! I want to be there.

  • Date 9 March 2021
  • Time 19:30 GMT - 14:30 EST
  • Platform Jitsi Meet
  • Price FREE

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