The Design Alchemy Podcast


The Design Alchemy podcast is a peek behind the veil of the design industry where we break down complex topics and examine, discuss and deconstruct the Great Work of visual communication and symbolism, and how they affect our culture. It is hosted by Billy Boman, an astute UX/UI Designer by day, metal head and avantgarde enthusiast by night, and Dimi Lazarou, a Brand Identity designer with a passion for symbolism.

We strongly believe in the power of long-form and in-depth content, and our aspiration is to create a conversation which is well-reasoned and irreverent to the status quo of contemporary design. We believe in healthy debate, so you can definitely expect some friendly sparring that is essential in getting closer to the truth.

Tune in, we’re looking forward to see you!

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Meet the hosts

Billy Boman

Billy is a Swedish UX/UI designer. Coming from a very traditional design background, he has had experience in industrial and fashion design. A lover of all things esoteric, complex, and purposeful.

You can visit Billy’s personal website here.

Dimi Lazarou

Dimi is a Greek Brand Identity designer. After studying mathematics, he decided to change his focus into design, semiotics and symbolism. He is deeply intrigued by the idea of meaning, and loves being as much scientific as possible.

More info about Dimi here.