Meet the Alchemists


Dimi Lazarou — Founder/Symbol Alchemist

Dimi is the Founder of Symbolon Branding. He is responsible for Brand Strategy and Brand identity Design, as well as Storytelling and Messaging Development.

He is co-hosting Design Alchemy, a podcast dedicated to unorthodox thinking within the design community. He is writing a book on Semiotic Branding, and he’s developing a product on Storytelling, Symbols and Signs.

He has been in the design industry for more than 12 years, and he is interested in all things semiotic, esoteric and semantic. Dimi has an educationl foundation in both Design and Mathematics, and he is trying his best to bridge them both.

He loves heavy metal, roleplaying games and philosophy.


Maria Deligiorgi — Co-Founder/Brand Alchemist

Maria is a Brand Alchemist for Symbolon Branding. She is responsible for Branding, Packaging and Web Design, as well as Strategy and Web Development in Webflow.

Maria has worked for many brands with a global presence, running all the gamut from concept to packaging and production. Her personal projects have appeared in acclaimed publications such as Wired Magazine, and MoMA’s Design Store featured her printed posters.

She has a BA in Graphic Design, topped by an MA in Visual Design, but her background also features a BA in Economic Sciences.

She loves alternative music, yoga and is interested in all things related to wellness.